Orac Xterio Black Rafter Foot RF01


Many developers are now offering homes mixing the open eaves effect with low maintenance roofline detailing. As such we have responded to the demand by adding a RAL 9005 Black RF01 to the Xterio range.

Each RF01 moulding is 113mm long x 48mm wide and 75mm deep. These would usually be installed on a soffit of around 150-200mm in projection. Typically the sloping edge is left facing into the wall to create a mock exposed rafter effect.

Our Xterio collection has been specially created to suit the low maintenance requirements of the UK New Build sector. Each Black RF01 moulding is made from a high quality impact resistant Duropolymer finished with a Black RAL9005 automotive paint finish.

Like the rest of the Orac Xterio range the product benefits from a 10 year conditional warranty. If you are looking to install these on a New Build site please ensure they are ordered before the roof is tiled and battened, to facilitate a secret fix installation.

Our RF01 dummy rafter boots can be retro-fitted on existing pvcu soffits by applying super glue to the upper edges of the moulding, and spraying the soffit with a high quality activator. This will allow a secure fix within a second of installation, and does away with the need for mechanical fixing.

If you’re looking for any other size of modillion, corbel or dentil look at our other options here.

Price: £15.20 including VAT
Material: Lightweight Polyurethane Profile with Black RAL 9005 exterior grade automotive paint finish Projection: 115mm
Warranty: 10 years (When installed in accordance with Manufacturer's guidelines) Height: 65mm
Standard Finish: Black RAL 9005 exterior grade automotive paint finish Width: 48mm
PDF downloads Downloads:  RF01 Technical Drawing

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Orac RF01 Black Xterio Rafter Boot
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