Orac Xterio Dentil TF01 - £41.64


TF01 dentils are usually installed at eaves level on luxury homes being built to mimic Victorian detailing. Manufactured in a tough white polyurethane material they are produced in pre-finished white.

These are usually installed with the 123mm section against the wall and the 350mm length projecting along the underside of the soffit. TF01 dentils are typically spaced at 600mm centres, but existing dwellings may dictate otherwise. In some regions dentils like these would originally have been fitted in pairs at 48 inch (600mm) centres.

Each dentil should be fixed from above by two suitable screws (not supplied) prior to the roof being felt and battened. Retro-fitting on property refurbishments can be achieved, call us to discuss appropriate procedures. In addition the TF01 can be utilised as a decorative corbel underneath flat top canopies, and is frequently chosen as a cosmetic support under bay windows on park homes.

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Product Availability: Allow 2-3 days – can be bought individually if required, or in cartons of 35 units.

Note: Each TF01 is purely decorative. Supplied in RAL 9003 white. 10 Year Warranty. No need to decorate.

Price: £41.64 including VAT
Material: Lightweight Polyurethane Profile with white RAL 9003 exterior grade automotive paint finish Projection: 350mm
Warranty: 10 years (When installed in accordance with Manufacturer's guidelines) Height: 123mm
Standard Finish: White RAL 9003 exterior grade automotive paint finish Width: 77mm
PDF downloads Downloads:  TF01 Technical Drawing  -  Dentil Installation Diagram (TF01)  -  Dentil Installation Diagram (TF02)

Orac Dentil Range

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200 x 100 x 77mm
Orac TF04 Xterio Dentil
200 x 250 x 77mm
Orac TF05 Xterio Dentil
255 x 135 x 100mm
Orac TF06 Xterio Dentil
175 x 155 x 75mm
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